" Customize your experience.
You do not need to learn
the whole dictionary! 
Only the verbs and
vocabulary that
you are going to use on a daily basis!
Start here and Stay practical.
Languages are intuitive and fun."

About Sandra

Born and raised in the multicultural city of Barcelona, Sandra has always been a curious and adventurous person. She has travelled, lived and worked in many countries of this thrilling world. Courageous as she is, at the age of 21 left her beloved hometown to experience other cultures. France, Australia, Thailand, Cambodia, Vietnam, Laos, Perú, Bolivia, Cuba, South Africa, England, Switzerland, Portugal… And the list goes on!
As she always says, you only live once and we should make the most of it!

Sandra speaks fluently Spanish, French, English and Catalán! On top of that, she also learned how to speak Russian in a month! Do you want to know how!? Well, ask her yourself! Contact us to find out.

In the meantime, you can listen to her many accents on this video! 


Have you been studying a language for ages and you are still not able to build a conversation?
Then, you are ready for Lilingua Method.
Unravel your tongue and build conversational skills with self-confidence.



Focus on the day by day situations. We will learn through role-plays and real dialogues and common conversations. 

Languages are alive!

As you progress and develop your speaking skills you will feel more and more motivated to continue learning. 



All lessons are held from the comfort of your home.
You can be in pyjamas
if you want!

The only thing you need is your laptop, internet and your motivation! 

I will send you all the customized material prior to the lesson and we will use a Video Call Platform.

Easy Peasy!


Let me ask you a question: Would your daily scenario look the same if you are a lawyer, an engineer or a chef?
Absolutely not!

That is the reason why your language lessons should not be the same either. Personalize your learning experience to make the most of it.


Learn the most up-to-date language with popular idioms, slang, jokes, riddles, songs, movies and much more!

Enjoy while learning!


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What the students say

Chi Long - Michelin Star Chef from Macao

I have just started my Spanish lessons with Sandra and every lesson is very exciting! Her teaching skills are outstanding. She always makes different and fun examples to help me remember words easily. Also, she asks me to repeat words and sentences as much as it is necessary encouraging me to speak more fluently and build my confidence. She is very patient with me and always motivates me. On top of that and since I was working in a Michelin star restaurant in Macao, Sandra adapted all the content just for me. Therefore, we study all that is to know about food and gastronomy in Spanish language! One of my favorite lessons was learning about Spanish Cheese! Through her lessons you can feel she puts lots of heart on it because all the teaching materials are created and written by her. Sandra will prepare a class just for you! I’m so grateful to be her student because it is very practical and I'am enjoying it very much.

Louise - Corporate Lawyer from Australia

Sandra is an excellent teacher and I would highly recommend her for learning Spanish. Sandra’s classes focus on conversation and, every week, Sandra prepares interesting topics for discussion that are relevant to current affairs.  Sandra also prepares exercises for practicing grammar and vocabulary that are useful for conversation in real life. Sandra is the best Spanish teacher that I have had because I have learnt a lot but also her classes are good fun.  A Spanish class with Sandra is like a conversation with a good friend and I highly recommend her as a teacher.   

Lyn - Grandmother and Traveler from Australia

Sandra is a wonderful Spanish teacher who makes learning so enjoyable because she dedicates

so much time and effort to making our classes so interesting. We began with face to face classes but now we are enjoying our lessons by Zoom which is excellent.  I highly recommend her to anyone who wants to learn Spanish in an interesting and fun way.

Carey - Professional Climber from United States 

I met Sandra about five years ago while in a climbing trip in Laos. She is easy to get along with and is so kind. When I found out she was teaching spanish I thought, ‘she would be a great teacher!’ Learning Spanish with Sandra has been a great learning experience and most importantly, it’s been fun. I always look forward to lessons!

Alexis - Sommelier from France

Sandra is a passionate and dynamic teacher.
She helps me work on my Spanish using my work context and we create conversations so I can practice. She prepares a lot of content: vocabulary, articles, situations… The lessons are never the same! And they are fun! So I learn while having fun as well. I definitely recommend the Lilingua method.


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and our Learning method? 
Or maybe translate a text?
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